ISSN 2524-0552; eISSN 2524-0560

Registration certificate КВ No. 16705-5277 Р.

Founder: Lutsk National Technical University.

Year of foundation: 2010.

Frequency: 4 times per year.

Language of edition: Ukrainian, English.

Recommended for printing by the Scientific Council of Lutsk National Technical University

The decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "Computer-Integrated Technologies: Education, Science, Production" is included in the list of Ukrainian scientific professional editions category "B".

123 - Computer engineering (17.03.2020)
172 - Electronic communications and radio engineering (24.09.2020)
121 - Software engineering (20.06.2023)
126 - Information systems and technologies (20.06.2023)
122 - Computer science (24.04.2024)
125 - Cyber security and information protection (24.04.2024)

Area, goals and scope: 

The Journal can publish original and fundamental scientific papers in all areas of knowledge related to advanced research and reviews of information technologies, their commercial and research contributions to: automated systems of information processing and management; mathematical and software information systems; models and methods of quality assessment and reliability of software and hardware; software engineering; Artificial Intelligence; cryptographic protection of information, etc.

The purpose of the publication is to expand the volume of publications and discuss scientific ideas on the development of computer sciences, information technologies and related fields of knowledge, as well as to involve the most important representatives of the domestic and foreign scientific and professional community in this process.

The publication is displayed in scientometric and abstract bases:

Editor-in-Chief Prof., Ph.D. Gordeev O.

Responsible Secretary Ph.D. Khrystynets N.A.

Editor's office: Lutsk National Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering and Cyber ​​Security, Lvivska Str. 75, 141, Lviv, 43018

Phone: (0332) 74-61-15