Cyber-physical systems review.

  • V. Martsenyuk University of Bielsko-Biała
  • А. Sverstiuk Ternopil I.Ya. National Medical University Gorbachevsky
  • О. Bagriy-Zayats Ternopil I.Ya. National Medical University Gorbachevsky
  • А. Horkunenko Ternopil I.Ya. National Medical University Gorbachevsky
  • D. Ostafiychuk VDNZ of Ukraine "Bukovyna State Medical University"
Keywords: cyber-physical system, biosensor, immunosensor, mathematical model, static mathematical model, differential equations.


The paper reviews the cyber-physical systems. Taking into account the enhanced development of cyber-physical systems, the world is focused on various aspects of their formation and exploitation, in particular the definition and formation of their main characteristics for the management of the development and implementation of "intellectual" programs in various fields, including intelligent production, transportation, energy and health care.


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Workshop on Cyber Physical Systems: Applications and Challenges March 2013.

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