Current trends in the development of QR code technologies and their generation algorithms.

  • S. Lavrenchuk LNTU
  • А. Kotsyuba LNTU
  • M. Shostak LNTU
Keywords: QR-code, QR-generator, QR-code reading algorithm, QR CMS, ZXIng.


The article describes the latest trends in the development of QR codes, in particular, some QR CMS have been analyzed. The algorithm for reading a QR code is described in detail, an example of using the Delphi ZXIng QR Code library is given.


QR Code Tutorial:

Засядна Х.О. Qr-кодування та альтернативні технології// Фінансовий простір. Міжнародний науково-практичний журнал – 2014. – №3. – С. 103 -108.

S. Goyal, S. Yadav and M. Mathuria, "Exploring concept of QR code and its benefits in digital education system," 2016 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), Jaipur, 2016, pp. 1141-1147.

Secure Examination System using Biometric and QR Code Technology:

V.Hajduk , M.Broda , O.Kováþ and D.Levický, “Image steganography with using QR code and cryptography,” 26th Conference Radioelektronika, IEEE pp. 978-1- 5090-1674-7, 2016

An Efficient Multiple Data Hiding Technique for Medical Images Using QR Code Authentication:

QR Code Acceptance as a New Form of Organization Marketing Tool:


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