The influence of electromagnetic interference on an electronic device

Keywords: shielding, protection, navigation, influence, obstacle, impulse, satellite, interference, electronic device


The article describes the impact of electromagnetic interference on an electronic device. The areas of application of the satellite navigation system are described and its importance in today's conditions is emphasized. The approach to protection against electromagnetic interference and radiation, which is currently used on the basis of medical equipment and production systems, is characterized. The basis and directions of propagation of the pulse signal, its features and spectrum of action are determined. The component of the pulse signal and the frequency distance are outlined. Thus, it is noted in the paper that the considered type of pulse interference is a radio frequency pulse signal, which, in turn, is modulated by a sinusoidal carrier, the mathematical model of which is given in the time domain. The principle of determining the frequency spectrum of an impulse signal is mathematically substantiated, and the spectral envelope of the impulse signal of the main band is separated from the given description. It is emphasized that pulse jammers have the same signal type and power spectrum shape as the ranging code of the satellite navigation system, which allows the signals to shift during the baseband demodulation process and, as a result, affect the corresponding processing of the navigation signals. The mechanism for determining the final output power of correlator interference is described. Where is the indicator of transmission delay, interference frequency and phase error, which together gives the exact value of the output power. In the process of mathematical modeling, it was found that the influence of pulse signals of obstacles on navigation signals depends on the combination of pulse parameters, the shift of the frequency of obstacles and the characteristics of the range code. The principle of superimposing binary phase manipulation is also noted. A graph of the results of the simulation of the frequency of bit errors under the influence of impulse interference has been created, which clearly proves the proposed mathematical model


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