Development of automated dairy logistics management system

Keywords: automated system, logistics processes, logistics management, dairy products


The article describes the development of automated dairy logistics management system. The relevance of development and practical implementation of the system are justified. The analysis of existing automated dairy logistics management systems was carried out. The features of such systems, their advantages and imperfections are considered. The new conceptual model of the dairy logistics management system was built. Use case diagrams for the user classes are developed. The functional model of the system is presented. Flowcharts of system processing algorithms was built. The design of the system database was carried out. A class diagram and a component diagram for the automated dairy logistics management system are developed. System components, software modules, database and user interface are implemented. The proposed automated dairy logistics management system will make it possible to improve the organization of sales of dairy products by agricultural enterprises, farmers, producers, suppliers, trade enterprises. The use of the system by customers will increase convenience and reduce the time for searching, analyzing, selecting and ordering dairy products, while reducing the duration of logistics processes from the moment of production of dairy products to their use by consumers


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