Method of neural network analysis of keystroke dynamics.

  • L. Tereikovska Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Keywords: emotion recognition, authentication, keystroke dynamics, convolutional neural network, input parameter, recognition method.


The article is devoted to the issues of improving the means of recognizing the emotions and personalities of users of information management systems. The possibility of introducing modern neural network solutions based on convolutional neural networks into the recognition tools has been substantiated. A method of neural network analysis of keyboard handwriting has been developed, which, due to the proposed adaptation principles and the procedure for coding keyboard handwriting parameters, allows the convolutional neural network, the architecture of which is adapted to the expected conditions of use, to be incorporated into recognition tools. Experimental studies have shown that the use of the developed method makes it possible to ensure error recognition of the user's emotions and personality at the level of the best modern recognition systems.


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