Preparation of production under conditions of pilot batch production: specifics of organization.

Keywords: production, pilot batches, organization, scientific and technical preparation of production.


The article defines the essence of scientific and technological preparation of production under conditions of pilot batches production.  The main goal of organizational preparation of production is to ensure that the production is completely ready to produce the product in the specified quality and quantity.  It is noted that the criteria of achievement are: - reaching the technical and economic indicators planned for series production; reducing the cost of all resources for the implementation of the process of mastering the production of new products; reducing the cycle and timing of organizational training and mastering new technology. The paper describes the principles and methods of management and methods of work performance of scientific and technical preparation of production.  Priority areas of production preparation under conditions of pilot batches production are proposed.  It is noted that an effective scientific and technological preparation of production under conditions of experimental batch production at the stage of economic development of new products (innovations) largely determines the successful functioning of the enterprise, namely its competitiveness and financial independence, provides production of competitive products and competitive advantages in the sales markets. The author also emphasized that in the organization of preproduction works under conditions of experimental batch production an important place is taken by the use of the best available techniques.  Linear type schedules, especially in the case of a small volume of work, the last projected and short-term stages of their implementation are the most practically widespread.  This is due to the simplicity and convenience of their graphical construction, visualization of depicted processes. The results of the work testify that the main aim of planning of technical preparation of production is to provide completeness, completeness and timeliness of issue of technical documentation on design and technological preparation of production.  The criterion for achieving the goal is to minimize the cost and timing of high quality production preparation.  The local objectives of the subsystem of planning the technical preparation of production a


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