Analysis of technology selection problems for software development.

  • А. Asieieva Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.
  • I. Kulakovska Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University.
Keywords: software, development, service, software life cycle, Pareto optimality.


The developers have a wide choice of technologies for the implementation of information systems software development, and over time the complexity of such projects increases. The most well-known Agile and Waterfall methodologies are analyzed to determine which is most appropriate for different software projects, and the evaluation criteria are selected. Practical research was conducted by interviewing experts, analyzing the results and developing a model to take into account the experience of developers using the methodologies mentioned above. The article analyzes the existing technologies of software development, the mathematical model for creation of the decision support system, the choice of choice in terms of multicriteria. The Pareto-optimality method and the Pareto set narrowing method based on information about the relative importance of the criteria became the method for solving this problem. The method of research is a computer program for modeling the DSS. The practical importance of the system is to use it when deciding to choose the technology of IP software development based on the Pareto-optimality method.


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