Analysis of methods for assessing the effectiveness of physical protection systems.

Keywords: physical protection systems, performance assessment, deterministic method, hierarchy analysis, probabilistic-time analysis, fuzzy logic.


The article is devoted to the study of existing methods for assessing the effectiveness of physical protection systems of objects of informatization. The issues of ensuring the security of various objects, primarily, such as critical infrastructure, informatization, which are currently the overwhelming majority of objects, are very important. One of the most important elements of almost any security system is the physical protection system (PPS). In addition, information protection includes, among others, physical protection, which consists in the use of organizational measures and a set of means that create obstacles to the penetration or access of unauthorized individuals to the protected object.The creation of such a PPS of objects of informatization (OI) involves the analysis of the effectiveness and vulnerability of PPS as an important stage in the development of any system. In turn, the complexity of modern PPS, as well as the variety of models of intruders and methods of penetration entails the need to use automation tools for modeling such systems. Various methods for analyzing the effectiveness of PPS are based on the data of expert assessments of the main parameters and, therefore, have a high degree of subjectivity. They require laborious experimental research. In addition, they are difficult to use in mathematical modeling problems. Thus, the issues of increasing the accuracy of the analysis of the effectiveness of the PPS OI are topical.The article provides a comparative analysis of methods for assessing the effectiveness of physical protection systems, which include the following approaches: deterministic, logical-probabilistic, probabilistic-temporal, the method of analyzing hierarchies and fuzzy sets. The well-known computer models and software products designed to identify threats to the object of informatization were also considered. The main characteristics and parameters for assessing the effectiveness of the PPS and the necessary tasks of introducing a physical protection system are given.


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