Principles of protection against unauthorized access to resources of the cloud computing system.

Keywords: unauthorized access, security model, protection, resource, cloud computing, management, architecture.


The article reveals the principles of protection against unauthorized access to the resources of the cloud computing system. It is emphasized that productivity is an important factor for considering the cloud computing system. Public clouds are accessed over the Internet and face bandwidth restrictions provided by their respective ISPs. It is emphasized that scaling to higher Internet bandwidth can significantly increase the total cost of owning cloud solutions. The architecture of the access control module for protection against unauthorized access to cloud computing system resources is considered, as well as the conceptual scheme of implementation of authentication and authorization processes using the access control module is proposed. , and can be applied to all information systems. The main architectural solutions of the architecture of the access control module are identified, its advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of information security are revealed, the basic models of cloud computing service are defined, the reference architecture of cloud computing from the point of view of data protection and security model is described. It is emphasized that the access control architecture has three main parts that work together to handle access requests: an access control module that receives / rejects / redirects access requests, a virtual distributed network that deploys and controls resources and services, and a centralized global system resource management, which handles the movement of requests to other clouds for remote use of services / resources. It is emphasized that the global resource management system acts as a barrier between different cloud services at the same level or different layers, and the use of one centralized global resource management system in the proposed architecture is based on avoiding the use of service level agreement for each service level.


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