On the issue of transmission and storage of graphic data arrays in global and local networks.

Keywords: transmission, storage, array, graphic information, local network, global network, packet, traffic.


The article deals with the transfer and storage of graphic data arrays in global and local networks. The structure of modern computer networks is described, the main problems that arise when transmitting data within the network are identified. The complexity of modeling global and local networks is outlined. It is noted that the construction of a logical control system for the transmission of graphic data in networks will increase the transfer rate and reduce the possibility of information loss. The influence of the Gilbert model on the data transmission line is described and the mechanism of the influence of the hidden Kharkiv process on the data transmission is separated. The method of identifying the characteristics of the transmission line and selecting the optimal method of signal coding, consistent with the current frequency response of the transmission line, is detailed. The stochastic theory of control in systems with hidden Markov processes is revealed and its influence on the problems of data transmission systems control is substantiated. It is emphasized that the main problem in the organization of local and global networks is the distribution of data flows by the shortest paths. This problem includes data transmission methods that require minimal time, or paths with minimal interference. Thus, based on this definition, it is emphasized that the optimization of the path should be carried out according to any technical and economic criteria, and the chosen paths should ensure the efficient use of lines and vertices. Dijkstra's algorithm is described in detail and the directions of its implementation and influence on the process of graphic data transmission in global and local networks are determined. The basis for the implementation of Jackson's algorithm is formed and it is proved that the discrete Markov process describing the operation of Jackson's network with variable structure is ergodic. A comparative analysis of the described approaches with a detailed comparison of algorithms and determining the most effective. The factors influencing the optimization of the transmission of graphic data packets in local and global networks are singled out. It is emphasized that the optimization of data networks leads to caching and compression of transmitted data, traffic optimization, changes in the TSP transport protocol, which increase the interactivity of network application performance and reduce the amount of transmitted data.


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