Peculiarities of the search algorithms organization based on the samples of the code sequences.

Keywords: data center, information security systems, keywords search, attributive coding, multi-authorization mode, multivariate search, target functions.


The analysis of modern approaches used in the construction and optimization of algorithms for searching data blocks in accordance with the given samples of code sequences is carried out. Considerable attention is paid to solving the problem of protecting "sensitive" data and, accordingly, organizing a highly functional information security system. For this purpose, it is proposed to adapt the mathematical model of attributive search by keywords in accordance with the algorithms for lightweight decoding and the implementation of the multi-authorization mode. On the basis of the improved mathematical apparatus, basic approaches have been developed for the development, optimization and evaluation at the numerical level of search algorithms by code sequences of keywords, it provides the possibility of automatic generation of methodological recommendations. The system for evaluating the efficiency and functionality of search algorithms is based on calculating the target functions of the accuracy of the data block allocation in accordance with the incoming request, the query execution time in accordance with the average latency level, and the load on the computing resource of the hardware and software complex of the data center information system.


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