Peculiarities of the application of distributed computing for processing streaming data.

Keywords: cloud service, hardware and software complex, distributed information system, routing of data flow, task deployment, channel capacity, task schedule.


The analysis of modern algorithms for streaming processing of digital data arrays and methods for formalizing the procedures in order to build an appropriate mathematical apparatus is provided. The generalized scheme of streaming data arrays and the scheme of the hardware-software complex of the cloud service are built. The features of the organization of the hardware and software complex of the network node according to the architecture of the distributed information system, as well as the tasks that must be solved in order to optimize the specified structure are indicated. In particular, the problem of optimizing the schedule for processing requests in accordance with the peculiarities of the operation of the general complex and the problem of optimizing algorithms for parallel processing are considered. A specialized mathematical model of a distributed information system of a hardware-software complex of a cloud service has been developed.The model consists of a central computing node and peripheral computing nodes, and includes the parameters of the corresponding components, functions for displaying the task deployment procedure and routing functions for the input data flow. On the basis of the constructed mathematical model, the method for calculating the indicators of throughput and delay time when processing requests from users of the cloud servicehas been developed, which are considered as indicators of objective functions.


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