Design of a subsystem for planning and optimizing the behavior of stand-alone devices for smart homes based on data analysis.

Keywords: Smart home, Smart Technologies, Internet of Things, technology of management


The article describes purposes of Smart Home systems with some of their advantages and disadvantages. Found implementation trends of such systems in modern life, substantiated development relevance. Described general structure of Smart Home system, investigated modern approaches to implementation of Smart Home control systems. The article is dedicated to designing of Smart Home model. The authors analyzed literature about Internet of Things and identified basic requirements for the test model: connectivity, control, data analysis. Considered two of the key components: data base and system node. The authors singled out the main subsystems of the model: interfaces, sensors, heating control, water boiling control, device activity events monitoring and analyzing the date based on time series. The software implementation requires the use of modern lightweight technologies combined with secure data transfer and ease in use user interfaces


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