Improving the quality of large-size parts produced by FDM 3D printing.

Keywords: additive technologies, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, FDM printing, printing process stages, part quality, quality parameters, parameter modeling, printing parameter optimization, evaluation of microclimatic parameters, slicer, slicer settings, temperature conditions, means of maintaining microclimatic conditions, improvement of printer's design.


Modern equipment allows to regulate only the temperature of the nozzle directly (plastic printing temperature), without taking into account the temperature of the external environment. It is known that most models of printers have open casings and the product can cool down unevenly. The probability of getting defects in both the quality characteristics of the surfaces and the shape increases. The proposal we described to modernize the printer design will optimize the entire printing process. Reducing or eliminating the need for post-processing of the part, will reduce the time of the complete cycle of its production and reduce its final cost. In order to avoid mistakes at the stage of prototype production, the possibility of latent errors after the launch of the product in series will be excluded. The article determines how the maintenance of microclimatic conditions in the printing area affects the quality parameters of the part. It is established that the quality of large-size products manufactured by FDM printing method is significantly affected by the process of maintaining temperature conditions. As a result of the study the ways to eliminate the shortcomings of printing, in particular, the modernization of the printer have been outlined


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