Method for filtering biometric parameters based on wavelet transforms.

Keywords: emotion recognition, authentication, information management system, biometric parameter, wavelet transform, information security.


The article is devoted to the problem of improving the means of hidden monitoring of the face and emotions of operators of information and control systems based on biometric parameters that correlate with two-dimensional images and are characterized by geometric indicators. It was found that the difficulties in the development of such tools are largely associated with cleaning the controlled images from typical non-stationary interference caused by uneven illumination and foreign objects that impede video recording. It is proposed to neutralize these difficulties by applying the technology of wavelet transformations, which is used to filter images by combining several identical but differently noisy binary, grayscale and color images. A filtering method has been developed, which, due to the application of the proposed approach to the application of wavelet transformations of the video sequence of sequentially recorded biometric parameters, allows them to be cleaned from typical non-stationary interference with satisfactory quality. Experimental studies have shown the feasibility of using the developed method for filtering images of the face and iris of the operator of information control systems.


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