Improving the efficiency of the pre-launch thermostat system the air of spacecraft.

  • S. Bùlavka Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding
Keywords: spacecraft, pre-launch thermostat system, efficiency, launch vehicles, booster throttle, coarse and fine filters.


The paper proposes modified structural diagrams of the prelaunch thermostat system the air of spacecraft to increase its efficiency and makes a comparative assessment. Theoretical results obtained for the pre-launch thermostat system the air of spacecraft showed that the developed structural schemes have greater efficiency compared to the existing one, since the deviations of the distribution of the temperature gradient along the axis at an ambient temperature of 20 and 30°C do not exceed 16.7 % The results obtained indicate the feasibility in applying the proposed modified scheme of the pre-launch thermostat system the air with a retaining choke and coarse and fine filters.


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