Research of ways to optimize a website based on the content management system Drupal 8.

  • V. Bogomazyuk Lutsk National Technical University
Keywords: web resource optimization, content management systems, Drupal 8, performance, site caching, aggregation.


The article presents the results of the analysis of existing methods and tools for website optimization based on the content management system Durpal 8. In writing this article used materials from foreign and domestic web resources. The latest information on web resource optimization based on Drupal 8/9 is analyzed. Based on this information, studies were conducted on the effectiveness and feasibility of existing optimization methods. Developed and supplemented popular strategies to improve site performance. It is proved that the application of these solutions improves the download speed by 30-70% depending on the complexity of the project. The expediency of using third-party caching services for projects of different complexity has been studied.


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