Electronic microscope as one of modern 3d measurements.

Keywords: 3d measurements, innovation, mechanism, microscopy, nanotechnology, materials, structures, microelectronics, ultra structural level, electron microscope.


Modern means of 3d measurements in the form of an electron microscope are revealed. The concept of electron microscopy is defined, which is a set of methods for morphological study of objects using a stream of electrons structured by electric fields in electron microscopes. The structure of a modern electron microscope has been studied. It is noted that the electron microscope uses instead of a beam of light (photons) a stream of electrons, in which the wavelength is much smaller, and thus it differs from the light microscope. As is known from physics, the faster the velocity of the electrons, the shorter the wavelength, and the velocity of the electron flows depends on the potential difference, which in some models is several million volts and the increase can reach up to two million times. The principle of electron microscopy is determined. The principle is based on digital technology as a complex consisting of a microscope and a personal computer with special software installed. It is emphasized that a digital microscope consists directly of a microscope and a photo or video camera, which is responsible for the output of the image, the proper quality of which can be ensured only by using professional equipment for digital microscopy. The structural-functional scheme of digital microscopy is given and the structural elements are described. The principle of image formation and transition from 2D to 3D model is revealed. It is determined that adapters are used to connect the camera or video camera and the microscope, which, in addition to securely mounting the camera, transmit images with the maximum field of view and without distorting the image. The possibilities of modernized digital microscopes of the latest generation are outlined, the main one is that the connection into a single system of all components allows to obtain new opportunities for analysis, which are not available for each individual node of the digital microscope.


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