Technological patterns and mathematical models of the synthesis of a rational sequence of product assembly.

Keywords: assembly cycle duration, locating matrix, access matrix, product structure, assembly sequence.


Based on the analysis of the product hierarchical structure and the assembling technology, it was defined that dividing the products into assembly units leads to a reduction in the length of manufacturing cycle through parallel execution of assembly operations. It was determined that in the conditions of a specific production it is advisable to identify hidden reserves aimed at reduction of assembly duration at the stage of constructional design. This article presents dependencies, which allow estimating the number of possible assembly options for technological schemes of various structural types: sequential, minimum-parallel, and maximum-parallel. Suggested mathematical models in the form of locating matrix, access matrix, and matrix of dimensional relationships contain information about the product design and implicitly specify the assembly sequence. Taking into account matrix description of the source data, developed solution algorithm allows limiting possible assembly options for the product, improve the quality of technological design through reduction of computational costs and seek time needed for the assembly sequence (with the minimum duration of the production cycle).


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